Enable/disable comment box

When you create a new page in WordPress, it has comments enabled by default. This could be a little annoying if you create a lot of pages and sometimes forget to uncheck the enable comments box.

To disable/enable the comments box for all pages and posts, navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Discussion. Under “Default article settings”, check/uncheck the box next to “Allow people to post comments on new articles” and then click “Save Settings”.

Remember that even though you have disabled comments on all pages, you can still enable them on a page if you want. To do that you need to edit the page where you want to enable comments. On the post editor screen click on the Screen Options button on the upper right corner of the screen. This will open a fly down menu where you need to check the box next to Discussion.

Once you have checked the discussion box, scroll down and you will find a Discussion meta box on the post editor screen. This meta box allows you to selectively enable or disable comments on a single page.

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