Increase page loading speed

Here are some general tips to speed up your website:

  1. You can check how to optimize your website here:
  2. Optimize all your images with this plugin:
  3. Install a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache:
  4. Leverage browser caching:
  5. Use at least PHP 5.6.x or greater in order to process PHP code faster, and to fix older version bugs. Note that wordpress is now recommending PHP 7 or greater

If after all suggestions and practices from the ticket your website load time doesn’t improve then the issue is with your server and you would have to either change your hosting provider or upgrade your hosting package. Unfortunately, we can’t help you much with server optimization and configuration, it is on end users to increase performance on their own, and to make sure that they are using reliable hosting service providers with high resources, and with fast and secure servers.

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