Install a custom webfont

If you want to use custom fonts, you will need to disable the Google Fonts. Navigate to Dashboard > LeadEngine > Theme Options > Typography.

Follow the steps below to install a custom web font:

  1. Install the Use any font plugin:
  2. Navigate to Dashboard > Use Any Font and add your font files
  3. Add the following CSS code to the theme custom style area in Dashboard > LeadEngine > Theme Options > Custom CSS

Body font:

body, .box, .cb-text-area p { font-family: "Custom Web Font" !important; }

Navigation font:

body .navbar-default .nav li a, body .modal-menu-item { font-family: "Custom Web Font", sans-serif; }

Heading font:

.container h1, .container h2, #popup-modal .modal-content h2, .container h3, .container h4, .kd-photobox .phb-content h4, .content-area .vc_grid-item-mini .vc_gitem_row .vc_gitem-col h4, .container h5, .container h6, .key-icon-box h6.service-heading { font-family: "Custom Web Font" !important; }

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