Maintenance page

The maintenance mode allows you to display a user-friendly notice to your users instead of a broken site during website maintenance. Sometimes you may need to work on your website for a longer period. Like when you are manually setting up the theme or configuring a new plugin that changes the behavior of your website. During this time your website may appear broken to your users for a period of time.

If your website has a lot of traffic, then you don’t want your users to see a broken website because it creates a bad user experience and give them a poor impression of your brand.

Putting your WordPress site in maintenance mode allows you to remedy that with a user-friendly notification, alternative links to visit, and provide a time frame for when the maintenance will be done. This creates a better user experience and a positive brand image among your users.

Navigate to Dashboard > LeadEngine > Theme Options > Maintenance page > Enable Maintenance mode.

  • Enable Maintenance mode – option to enable/disable the maintenance mode.
  • Page title – maintenance page heading.
  • Page content – add a short description.
  • Enable countdown – enable to display a simple countdown timer.
  • Enable contact form – enable to display a simple contact/newsletter form for your visitors.

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